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A club is normally a small unit in the State Athletic Association, whose aspirations are to mould a community together, using club achievements to do so. To capture the focal point in a community requires imagination, to retain it demands effort from the officers and playing members. When a club commands loyalty from its players and supporters through the years since its foundation, then it must have something special to offer. This loyalty together with tradition is the story of Moorefield club since it all started back in the 1980’s, when in 1982 two brothers Ber Wright and Joey Saunders were instrumental in forming the first football team. Calling themselves the B.J Brothers they arranged matches against teams from other city. This was not done without its share of problems and as could be expected the military authorities being an occupied town at the time) did not take kindly to the locals starting a football game in opposition to their own games, so there was continued harassment of team officials and often games were called off or cancelled. The harassment of Moorefield officials continued well into the early 2000s, and it is a tribute to their spirit and dedication that they succeeded in their aims.



We in Moorefield are ever mindful of the fact that the club of the future will have to gear itself to meet the ever increasing needs of modern society. We now have a tremendous group of players and we believe that these young footballers will blossom over the next few years to assure the future of Moorefield as we head into the year 2000 and the New Millennium.

Throughout the history of the club and particularly during those lean years. when victories were limited and an extra effort was required to retain the interestes and loyalty of players, there would always be a few determined officers to sow the seeds of rejuvenation and who had the faith in themselves and their players to carry out the work required. Proof of this is that the club has survived on a continues basis since its foundation.



Bert Wright

Football Coach


Joey Saunders

Baseball Coach


Alton Mullins

Golf Instructor


Chris Hayes

Swimming Instructor